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Investment Opportunities

Increasing Portfolio Diversitification and Reducing Volatility

BCP Fund 1’s goal is to provide private and institutional investors access to the high yields available in the merchant cash advance industry. The inability of smaller companies to secure proper financing from traditional banking institutions and the inability of investors to generate decent yield from fixed income investments has created this opportunity for the investor.

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Our private investors benefit from our experience in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry.

Yield in a Short Duration

Benefit with short duration's & yield more often in excess of those available from comparable investments.

Reduce Volatility

Changing market conditions can increase portfolio diversification and reduce volatility with private credit investing.

Rapidly Growing

Borrowers are increasingly turning to alternative funders as a source of financing, which creates an attractive supply-demand dynamic.

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These days, investors have few options when it comes to generating yield from publically traded credit. However, economic growth, while measured, has been sufficient to keep default rates on privately placed corporate debt in check. Accordingly, investors are discovering the qualities inherent in this relatively undiscovered asset class, such as shorter duration and yield premiums more often in excess of those available from comparable public credit instruments.

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We have over 15 years experience in Merchant Cash Advance Investments.

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