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Learn How To Generate 12% Per Year / 1% Paid Monthly By Funding Americas Small Businesses

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Investment Opportunities

Increasing Portfolio Diversification and Reducing Volatility

BCP Fund 1’s goal is to provide private and institutional investors access to the high yields available in the merchant cash advance industry. The inability of smaller companies to secure proper financing from traditional banking institutions and the inability of investors to generate decent yield from fixed income investments has created this opportunity for the investor.

Expertise & Knowledge

Our private investors benefit from our experience in the Merchant Cash Advance Industry.

Yield in a Short Duration

Benefit with short duration's & yield more often in excess of those available from comparable investments.

Reduce Volatility

Changing market conditions can increase portfolio diversification and reduce volatility with private credit investing.

Rapidly Growing

Borrowers are increasingly turning to alternative funders as a source of financing, which creates an attractive supply-demand dynamic.

“Small businesses as a whole can deliver even more to the economy – there’s untapped potential here, waiting to be unleashed.”

David M. Solomon, Chairman & CEO, Goldman Sachs

Alternative Investing Opportunities In
Merchant Cash Advances

We Make It Easy To Benefit From This Great Alternative Investment Vehicle

Alternative investment opportunities fall into non-conventional asset classes such as venture capital, private equity and merchant cash advances among others. Recently, it has been recorded and presented by Preqin that the alternative investment industry is expected to grow by a staggering 59% by 2023 and reach to a whopping $14 trillion in assets.

One of the most popular and rewarding ways to benefit from alternative investments is by investing in Merchant Cash Advances. It is a straightforward concept where merchants sell a small portion of their future revenues, at a discount, to Merchant Cash Providers (MCP). The MCP’s then distribute those funds to qualified merchants for a specific period of time and the investor receives a 12% annual return on investment. This is especially perfect for people seeking to diversify their portfolio with an investment vehicle with little correlation to the stock market with huge upside potential and minimum risk.

Since most banks don’t offer rapid funding to small businesses, Merchant Cash Providers are their best option for getting necessary funds in as little as 48 hours from approval. The gold standard in the merchant cash advance industry is BC Providers. We have an ongoing stream of merchants that are seeking rapid funding. By using this alternative investment vehicle, you purchase a portion of a business owner’s future revenue and enjoy a good annual ROI in the form of a monthly dividend.

Lastly, you can easily get started with as low as a $25,000 investment. You may also rollover your IRA to start making your money grow today.

Some Benefits In
Merchant Cash Advances

  • • 12% Returned Annually
  • • High Yielding Returns
  • • Stock Market Alternative
  • • Monthly Dividends
  • • Roth IRA Rollover
  • • Investment Opportunity
  • • Diversify Your Investments
  • • Easy To Get Started

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We have over 15 years experience in Merchant Cash Advance Investments.

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